What gear do you need for camping?

It is that time of the year when one would love to go out on a trip and have some fun. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could carry your own tent, camp somewhere exotic, and enjoy the beauty of the nature?. Well, if you are one such enthusiast who plans to put up your own camp in the outing (but wondering what gear do you need for camping?), we are here to help and ensure that you carry all the essential gear required for the same. It is of utmost importance that you add these items to your checklist, to have a safe camping time :

#1. Tents : It is obvious that the most important gear for camping would be the tent. Depending on the number of people who would be required to be accommodated in the tent, your budget, and your mode of transport, there are a large variety of tents available for choice. Choose the tent which has sufficient space to accommodate all your fellow campers. If the group is large, a number of such tents need to be carried. Also, make sure that the weight of the tents are not too heavy for you to carry around. Before leaving for the trip, ensure that the tents are completely equipped with the poles, stakes and tie downs, that are required to hoist the tent.

#2. Backpacks : Every camper has to have his/her own backpack, with all the necessary personal items. There are different sizes of professional backpacks available and should be chosen based on the duration of the trip. Solo campers usually prefer to carry a sleep bag in their backpack, instead of the heavy tents. Also, the backpack should be large enough to carry the cooking and camping items as well. So, the use of backpacks will depend on the nature of your trip.

#3. Lighting Equipment : The camps are usually set up at night in far off locations, where there is no means of lighting available. As such, the camping team has to carry the artificial lighting equipment like the torches, lanterns and lamps. At night, when the visibility is almost zero, these items are highly essential to ensure safe camping. While a campfire would be ideal, all the necessary backup lighting equipment needs to be compulsorily carried along.

#4. First-aid Kit : No matter how experienced you may be, there is always a risk of mishap while camping. There is a number of variables on which the safety of your camp depends, and as such one needs to be ready for it. Having a first-aid kit has to be the first priority in your checklist. If anybody gets hurt, they must be treated immediately. The first-aid kit should thus have all the necessary medicines to make sure that the wounds are treated before the person is taken to a hospital.

#5. The Area Maps : A camper must be completely aware of the location of the camp and its surroundings. A map which gives a detailed overview of the area is thus essential. Before the camp is set-up, the maps should be thoroughly checked for any risks in the surrounding landscape. Camping, must at all cost be avoided in areas which do not have necessary dependable communication networks and routes.

I certainly hope that this article serves as a guide to help you camp successfully and safely. Do ensure to add all these camping gears to your checklist before leaving. Bon-Voyage!


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