How to choose a campsite

To set up your camp, you first need to choose a campsite. This is an important step. You want to make sure if you can, that you choose a campsite that is comfortable, safe and convenient.

To avoid getting wet even when you have a good tent, choose a spot where the ground is relatively high but not so high that it is windy. If you set up your camp too low you might risk being flooded in case of heavy rain.

Don’t set up your tent on a slope if you can avoid it. If you have to set up camp at a slight angle, make sure your head is on the upside.

It’s also a good idea to choose a spot where your tent can be protected from the wind and the sun. Do not set up your camp under a tree because they’re prone to lightning strikes and there’s a risk that the tree will fall on you. It you tent is shaded it would be a nice place to relax during the heat of the day. It’s also a good idea to set up your tent where the sun will hit it in the morning.

You’ll need water for drinking, cooking and cleaning up. You want to be near a water supply though it doesn’t have to be too close. In fact, if you’re too close, you could pollute the water source and risk flooding. In some areas, there’s also a high risk of crocodile attacks if you’re too close to the lake or river.

Also, if you camp near the still water, there will likely be a lot of mosquitoes. About 300 feet is a good distance away from the water source.

Make sure the spot is free from poison ivy, rocks and oak before you pitch your tent. Once you’ve pitched your tent, it’s time to unroll your sleeping bag to give it a chance to fluff up. If you remembered to bring along your inflatable camping mattress, lay it out as well so that it is easier to inflate later.

Now it’s time to set up your cooking area. Choose a spot that is about 200 feet away from your tent and where the wind is blowing away from your tent. If you use a campfire to cook, flying embers can make a huge hole in your tent. For cooking on the trail, we recommend you use a camp stove instead.

Next, you need to a tree that is at least 200 feet away from your tent where you can hang a bear bag for your food. The tree needs to be high enough for you to suspend the bear bag at least 12 feet from the ground.

You would need to throw a stone tied to a rope over a branch and tie your bear bag to the other end. Lift up the bear bag high enough a tight the other end. Remember to put your toothpaste inside the bear bag because animals may mistake it for food.

If you’re not on a campground, you need to dig yourself a foot deep hole in a secluded area for your personal business. You can also place a toilet paper in ziplock bag near it for convenience.

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